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The Princess of Orange

Princess Catharina-Amalia, the Princess of Orange, Princess of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, is the eldest daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.

Welcome, Welcome

May you be friendly with the followers of Horus

May you go up and go down without being hindered

and without being refused at the Gate of the Duat

May the Door of the Akhet be opened to you

May the doorbolts pull back for you themselves

May you join the Broad Hall of the Two Maats

May the god in it question you

May you make a seat inside the Cavern

May you stride in the town of the Inundation

May your heart be happy in plowing your plot in the Field of Reeds

May the harvest come to you with abundance of grain.

May you go out every morning and return every evening

May a taper be lit for you in the night

May there be said to you ‘Welcome, welcome, in this

your house of the living’

from a series of wishes for the afterlife, Tomb of Paheri. translation, James P. Allen.